About Phydeaux

Phydeaux (“fido”) Designs is my one woman knitting design company.

I'm Brenda Lavell and I love fiber.  Which is a good thing, because I design knitting and crochet patterns. I dye yarn and fiber. I also design and make - by hand - buttons and jewelry.  

My designs are inspired by what I love to wear:  simple, elegant, multifunctional, rustic, original. I am smitten with artisanal materials and classic/old techniques.

I love rustic, old world elegance:  strong lines, filigree, lace, artisanal, natural fiber.

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p.s., who's "phydeaux" you ask?  a sweet little abandoned kitten that I raised by hand many years ago.  he's no longer with us, but his name lives on. 

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